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What do you do if your pet goes missing?

Posted 18th Jul 2021

What do you do if your pet goes missing?



July is lost pet prevention month where PetHub have been raising awareness and spreading important information since 2014. The month is dedicated to talking about the one thing we never want to even think about; losing our pet.


If you want more information on the rise in pet theft because of the pandemic follow the link here: Pet Theft: What you need to know


Otherwise, in this post we’re going to talk about the hardest part of losing a pet, getting focused and trying to find them. There are so many reasons why a pet could go missing, from being frightened of fireworks, a guest leaving a door open by mistake, a thief taking them or they happen to be unable to find their way home after going out.


‘1 out of  3 pets will be lost during its lifetime’



The 10 things you need to do to increase your chances of finding your pet:


Search the immediate area

Of course, your first instinct is to look in the local area to make sure your pet has left. Remaining level headed and searching the area methodically is key before moving on to next steps.


Recruit help

Get hold of everyone who can help. The more people there are, the more you increase your probability of finding your pet. Provide them with things that smell like home, spare collars and leads, making sure they have everything they need if they find your pet.


Phone local shelters

If someone else has found your pet they might have taken it to a nearby shelter. It’s recommended to phone all shelters in a 15 mile radius of your home.


Phone local vets

The same as no.3, someone might have taken them to a vet instead of a shelter. Work to get hold of all vets within 15 miles of your home!


Create, print and put up lost flyers

If no success is being had, start putting up flyers as you search the area. Make sure they contain an up to date picture, contact telephone number and safe place to take them if for any reason you're unavailable.


Spread the news on social media

With the content you create, get it on social media and being shared around!


Long day searches

If you continue to search for extensive periods make sure you take a phone charger, food supplies, attractive smells for your pet, water supplies for both of you and have friends come out to top you up and support you. Being exhausted isn’t going to help your pet.


Be vigilant of areas they could be stuck

They might be able to hear you but not get to you. Be aware of places like building sites, garden gates and other places they could have got stuck behind or in.


If someone finds your pet they are legally required to tell the authorities

Leave your details with your local dog warden and other authorities so if your pet is handed in they’re aware you’re looking for them.


Moved recently or have a place that you frequently visit?

They might have gone to another place they feel safe like a previous address or somewhere they spend a lot of time, maybe a relative that looks after them whilst you're at work. Even if these are many miles away, they might head there.



We hope it never happens, but we hope contemplating what you’ll need to do could help you in the future if you were ever in this unfortunate position.


Stay safe!

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