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Care For Your Pet With Premium, Natural And Sustainable Products

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Who Are We?

Hi! Thanks for visiting Pets of the People, we hope you enjoy the experience! I’m Ben, my partner is Cheryl and together we’re the founders and creators of Pets of the People. We have three pets- Ewok the Cat (the boss), Snoop the Cat (passive and friendly) and Ozzie the Labrador (the bouncy energetic one). All of them very unique, but all equally adored!


Dry Food - Simpsons Adult Cat Mixed Meat and Fish (90/10)

Wet Food - Natures Menu Multipack

Treats - Green and Wilds Ox Liver treats

Medicinal - Dorwest Keepers Mix


Dry Food - Simpsons Adult Cat Mixed Meat and Fish (90/10)

Wet Food - Lily’s Kitchen Everyday Favourites Multipack

Treats - Fish Nibbles with Lobster

Medicinal - Dorwest Keepers Mix


Dry Food - Arden Grange Adult Large Breed Chicken and Rice

Wet Food - Billy and Margot Wild Boar with Superfoods

Treats - Anco Hemp Oil Infused Treats

Chews - Antos Root Chew

Medicinal - Soopa Banana and Peanut Butter Dental Stick

Supplements - Proflax Bone and Joint

What we are trying to do and why?

The range of products on the market for our pets is vast. We want to make sure your pet receives only the very best of what the market has to offer

Pets up and down the UK, for various reasons end up in shelters at remarkable rates. We want to help reduce that number dramatically, keep it down and support owners in the ongoing care of their pets to ensure animals everywhere get the love and care they deserve

The pet community is huge and we all have at least one thing in common- our pets! So we want to leverage the power of a community to make big positive impacts on shelters, charities, pets and their owners up and down the UK to ensure no pet is left behind!

So last year, both myself and Cheryl came to a crossroads with our careers. Both ready to do something new but unsure what to do, we began to do some research. We knew we wanted to do something completely different, we just weren’t sure what. Around the same time, we got our first dog (Ozzie) and began to become a lot more aware of things like variety of products on the market and even more so, animal shelters and just how many animals sadly have to rely on them for care. This second point especially did not sit well with either of us and for a while we thought long and hard of what we could do to help- I mean really help. Then it dawned on us- so we left our jobs in pursuit of our plan and Pets of the People was born!

So how do we plan to help?

We have initially partnered with three excellent animal shelters in the UK, caring for cats and dogs who sadly are yet to find their forever home. Our plan is to donate 2% of every checkout basket to one of our partnered shelters of your choice. That’s 2% of every sale, every time! The pet market in the UK is huge and by providing pet owners with a simple, convenient and no-additional cost platform to purchase their pet supplies, together we can help more shelters and the animals in their care with more funding and support.

What’s more, by only selling products scrutinised by our own pets, we can feel comfortable in the knowledge that any food our customers buy is made from natural, healthy and sustainable sources. Furthermore, we strongly believe in supporting British businesses, so you will find a large proportion of our products are from responsible British brands.

Finally, with aspirations for the future including to become Carbon Neutral within 18 months, increase from three partnered shelters upto nine by December 2020, as well as provide cash donations to our partnered shelters by the end of 2020, now has never been a more exciting time to become part of the POTP community.

“Individually, real positive change can be difficult to achieve. However, coming together as a community, we can create a world that all animals can be proud of” - Pets of the People, 2019

Who we support

Ewok, Snoop & Ozzie’s Favourite Products

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