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The 5 most common dogs and cats in the UK

Posted 30th May 2021

The 5 most common dogs and cats in the UK



51% of the UK’s adult population own a pet. That’s a lot of pets! Cats, dogs and everything furry (and not so) in between, the UK population absolutely adore their creatures. Here we’re looking at the most popular dog and cat breeds; did your pet make the list?





For the POTP office, this caused some big smiles. The number one dog breed in the UK is the mixed ones! Those cheeky puppies that maybe shouldn’t have been and those breeds that have been bred to make the best family pets. The mixed breed is still well loved within UK homes.


Labrador Retriever

How is it that the top 2 dog breeds are very well supported at POTP?!

These big, bouncy and cuddly dogs are one of the most affectionate breeds with loyalty and intelligence being some of their key traits.


Cocker Spaniel

One of the UK’s most skilled working dogs, the cocker spaniel has been used for everything from hunting to police to farming. As they’re one of the easiest to train and great adapters they make great first time dogs for owners who want something with high energy.


Jack Russel Terrier

These little guys are still a fond favourite. Devoted to their humans, originally bred for hunting, but making great healthy family pets in the 21st century.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A breed that has had it’s bad rap which is undeserved. With the right treatment this breed is perfect for family life as these guys adore children.






British Shorthair

As the name might suggest, in the UK we’re pretty content with our breed. As the oldest recorded cat to be in the UK, nothing is changing anytime soon. You can easily spot them by their more rounded bodies, short hair and very friendly natures.



Maybe not what you were expecting? The Bengal comes in at no.2 because of it’s exotic markings and their interesting history. A mixed breed thought to have originated from breeding domestic cats with the wild Asian leopard cat.



The one that we all fondly remember from Disney movies. That digitised movement is very accurate and they’re loved for their slinky delicate natures. Originating from Thailand, this breed is very talkative and loves attention.


Maine Coon

You know a Maine Coon if you see one. These are the largest domesticated cat but one of the most affectionate. Even though they’re huge they love a good stroke.



The most docile on the list, the elegant persian is a quiet breed who’s beautiful features many owners are incredibly fond of.


Was your pet breed on the list? Join the conversation on our social media pages and let us know!

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