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Take your pet to work day - yes, really!

Posted 21st Jun 2021

Take your pet to work day - yes, really!



A company we enjoy stocking, Hownd, started bring your dog to work day in 2014. From here it has become bring your cat to work day and bring your pet to work week! It’s safe to say - we’re big fans!


What’s special about this ‘holiday’ is that bring your dog to work day is all in aid of raising money for charities that are helping make a difference to the welfare of dogs nationwide. This viral holiday has business all over the UK coming together including companies like BT, This Morning, The Guardian, and many other huge names.


The charities involved include All Dogs Matter. With shelters helping to rehome 400 dogs a year, they help rehabilitate abandoned dogs and find safe forever homes. They also support Animals Asia who are trying to help make long-term differences to the welfare of animals in Asia with a specific passion for ending bear bile farming.


So what can you do to help (how can you get your pet to come into work with you!)?


It’s going to boost morale in all offices, no matter how big or small.



As a dog owner


You can ask your employer very nicely to get involved (we HIGHLY recommend it!) But if it’s not something that can happen, you can head over to Bring Your Dog To Work Day and join the hall of fame selfie competition by making a donation. You’ll be in the running for prizes from other businesses and helping amazing charities!


As a business owner


You should get involved! Whether you’ve got many people in your business or you’re a sole trader you’ve got loads of options. You can donate, give prizes, make your own competitions but ultimately have great fun with your and your employees pets!


Safety first


Obviously the health and wellbeing of both staff and pets comes first. It’s important that if you are running one of these days that it’s done in a way that doesn’t distress any animals or coworkers (it’s true, there are people out there who don’t like animals!) Employees that wish to bring their pet to work must take full responsibility and only do so if they can trust that their coworkers (and coworkers' pets) will be safe and happy.


Other options


Some establishments can’t have pets in their facilities (think anything with food!) This might feel disappointing (we feel your hurt) but it’s likely that you’ve made some friends for their similar views and feelings about animals. You could have a bring your pet to work in another form (cuddly and stuffed or photographic) with the same fundraising efforts, a joint pet walk after work or if you’re still working remotely maybe you could take a minute to share your pet’s fluffy face on video calls.


We hope this gives you some ideas or even some ideas to take to your bosses. 88% of employees at pet-friendly workplaces said having pets at work improves sense of well-being and

83% said it reduces stress - do you need any more convincing?

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