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Post-Lockdown Series: What you need to know with the increase of livestock worrying in the countryside

Posted 4th Jul 2021

Post-Lockdown Series: What you need to know with the increase of livestock worrying in the countryside



It’s been clear that the rise in pets over the last year has caused problems in many areas. We experienced an increase in price for food and pets, there was a pet food shortage at one point and ultimately a strain put on rescue shelters and veterinary resources.

‘Research revealed that 42% of dog owners have been walking their pets more often in the countryside during the pandemic, and that 81% have noticed more dog walkers.’

One of the biggest impacts has been on the countryside. From a new volume of walkers, more trafficked paths and many new owners exhibiting a lack of knowledge for these areas. The country can be a dangerous place. Hazards are everywhere and learning about these things shows a level of respect that is important for landowners and other people who want to experience these places.


‘64% percent of dog owners are letting their pets roam free in the countryside, despite half of owners surveyed admitting their dog doesn’t always come back when called.’


Livestock worrying has greatly increased, whilst many owners aren’t aware that legally farmers are within their rights to take action to stop a dog harming their livestock - this can be with fatal consequences.


‘2020 saw the cost of these attacks rise by over 10% across the UK to an estimated £1.3m.’


We can’t stress enough how owners often believe once they’ve left an area, after catching their dog, they believe everything is fine. The consequences of a chase costs the local farmer. With a huge reliance on UK farms during 2020, we should all be showing a level of gratitude and respect by keeping our pets under control. Afterall, this is only for a few seasons of the year!



What you need to know:

- A dog doesn’t have to attack livestock to be worrying it. The problem with dogs being out of control around livestock is that it can cause them distress even if it doesn't touch them. This can cause miscarriages, stress that can be fatal and the separation of mothers from their offspring.

- Owners who have recently started spending time in the countryside aren’t accepting that even the smallest of dogs can kill livestock. This inexperienced view is making areas unsafe for others and making more farmers restrict what they allow the public to use.

- The chasing of animals, even if the dog doesn’t reach them can cause injury. Livestock falling off cliff faces, getting tangled in fencing, falling and breaking limbs are all risks that happen when dogs aren’t under control.

With livestock worrying increasing during 2020, it's important that we share the issues to help educate those who want to enjoy the countryside. Those who don’t take responsibility for their dogs risk having legal action taken against them but also cause the shut down of areas and limit where others can spend time. With more pets and most of us wanting to keep a little extra space between us now as we come out of restrictions, we want to keep everyone happy, healthy and free to roam wherever they want!

Statistics from: Dog walking safety tips for rural areas | NFU Mutual

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