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National Puppy Day: The opportunity of a lifetime

Posted 27th Mar 2022

National Puppy Day: The opportunity of a lifetime



There isn’t a time of year that we don’t see puppies. From advertising to events, puppies are often used as a tool to grab attention and we’re absolute suckers for it! Something small and fluffy with those beautiful eyes has us instantly wanting to know what's going on and why they’re there. Therefore, you can imagine the reasons why we can’t pass up National Puppy Day! Here’s everything you need to know about this day and what we can do to make a difference for animal welfare!


What is National Puppy Day?


The 23rd of March is a wonderful day on which many celebrate puppies. Specifically, this day is about celebrating the unconditional love that puppies give, how they positively impact families and how much love and affection they bring.



How do people celebrate National Puppy Day?


National Puppy day isn’t just for those with puppies, this day can be celebrated by all including those who adopted their pet when they were older than being a puppy. Owners with young dogs take the opportunity to teach them a new trick, one that they might not have thought they’d teach their pet but to share a new bonding experience with them. Everyone can get on board with pampering their pet on this day! Lots of people choose to pamper their pets as a special time to remind themselves of how much love they’ve brought to their life. For those without puppies, they’ll spend the day looking at photos and videos, so it’s important that you share your favourite images of when your dog was a puppy on this day too! If you adopted after the puppy stage, why not scour the internet for images that you think might resemble what you think your dog would have looked like?


What does National Puppy Day remind us?


National Puppy Day reminds us mostly about their unconditional love and how much dogs deserve to be cared for in the best way possible. It also reminds us of those who aren't as lucky to land in a home that understands their emotions and love. Whether its an owner being inexperienced and unprepared for looking after an animal for life, or, someone who wasn’t aware of how sensitive all animals are, some puppies end up in the wrong place. We’re reminded on this day of all those rescue homes who take in and look after those who need to try and find a new home after going to the wrong place as a puppy.


We hope you celebrated this day in your own way and hope that your pet gets an extra ear scratch for being the best pet ever. There should be no pet without a home and days like these help us spread awareness of what having an animal really means so more puppies have loving places for life!


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