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How to protect your pet from dognappers

Posted 24th May 2021

How to protect your pet from dognappers



We’ve all been made aware of the rise in stolen pets over the last year. With more families being at home and wanting to have animals driving the thieves profit, it meant that many homes have become targets. Pet theft has heartbreaking consequences. Our animals become our lives and the reason we get up every day, losing them to thievery is incredibly unpleasant.

We’ve talked in the past about petitions to try and change the way pet thieves are prosecuted, but as with all petitions, these things take a great deal of time. In the meantime, we wanted to look at suggesting some ways that can help to deter thieves and protect your pet at home.

1. Security Lights

Thieves will be targeting homes that they can gain access to discretely. Security lights that are on sensors are a great deterrent as it immediately alerts you to someone’s presence outside. If a thief is scouting potential targets and notices a censored light, they’ll likely deem it harder than another home.

2. Security Cameras

We’re not advising using fake cameras, but if this is all you can get hold of it might just be that extra thing that makes them change their mind. There are hundreds of security cameras across the internet that allow you to see your home from your phone 24 hours a day. You could point this out your front window (forsaking the cost of an outdoor camera and being wireless!) Also, a nice big sign to say they’re being recorded is a great choice too!

3. Fences and Barriers

We all check our surrounding garden to make sure our pet can’t escape, but this is more important than ever now. There’s no easier target than a dog who isn’t behind a barrier. If it’s out of the question to upgrade your fencing, think about where the weak spots are and how people could see into your garden. Could you make it higher in one or two places? Could you plant or put something in that sightline?

4. Locks

Opening a gate is very easy. If your dog isn’t incredibly territorial and sees someone casually strolling into their garden, they might assume they’re just a friend there to play. Get a heavy-duty lock, remove the side gate completely or just barricade it. It’s not forever, but as the world begins to open and more people are strolling around the risk could increase before it declines.

We hope that it never happens to anyone but whilst the laws are being considered and the pet demand remains high, it’s better safe than sorry. Of course, never leave your dog on its own. If you meet a stranger and they ask too many questions about your pet and where you’re from or you happen to notice people or suspicious vans in your area, let the local authorities know. They might not target you, but it could be your neighbour and you could help prevent a heartbreaking theft.

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