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Dorwest made simple: What you need to know!

Posted 4th Jun 2021

Dorwest made simple: What you need to know!



Dorwest have been working with natural nutrition for the past 70 years. They’re the people to go to for tailored supplements for your pet. Experts in herbal pet care, consisting of a huge family and many fluffy creatures, if they’re history hasn’t ensured your trust, their pharmaceutical standards will.


There’s a huge wealth of information on pet nutrition. With varying breeds, shapes and sizes, without the advice from specialist nutritionists it can become overwhelming. We advise that you always do consult your vet if you have any concerns about your pet’s health, but in this post we’re going to help you with navigating Dorwest’s products.


We should also note that we stock Dorwest because of their use of natural ingredients. By excluding second-stage extracts, they only include active ingredients straight from the plant. We also enjoy their promotion of healthy and active lifestyles, keeping you and your pet happy and healthy!


Where do you start?


You’ve thought about grabbing a supplement for your pet, this means that you’re wanting to improve something that might be ailing them or to enhance their wellbeing. If you’re just looking for general health support have a closer look at Keepers Mix® otherwise break down the issue your trying to solve into one of these categories - Joints & Mobility, Skin & Coat, Hormones & Reproduction, Digestive, Anxiety & Behaviour, Liver, Urinary or Minor Infection. From here you’ll be able to narrow down your search to find the exact product for your pet.


What are the most popular ingredients and why?



The smell might be offensive for some but the natural properties that this ingredient has are unbelievable! Great for its antibiotic, antiseptic and antiviral abilities it’s great for helping maintain healthy circulation and also useful to reduce symptoms of coughs and bronchial conditions. You can try garlic as  Garlic Tablets or as Garlic Juice.


We really like the Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets! With all the above benefits, they help to reduce inflammation when your pet gets hot causing them to feel itchy, repel nuisances like ticks and are all round great for allergy season!




Another amazing naturally derived supplement, glucosamine in combination with other ingredients can be incredibly supportive for pet’s joints. It helps the collagen production between joints to maintain suppleness and easy movement. If flexibility and mobility are important for your pet try Glucosamine & Chondroitin Tablets.


Evening Primrose Oil


Sometimes our pets get dry skin or flaky skin or their coat quality reduces as they age. This can often be down to hormonal changes which Evening Primrose Oil along with its quantity of GLA can help to stabilise and promote beautiful skin and coat condition.



Why shouldn’t you physically touch homeopathic remedies?


It seems odd that you shouldn’t touch tablets that are made of completely natural ingredients as they’re not harmful at all. It’s because they have a delicate sucrose shell that when it comes into contact with skin can begin to absorb moisture which could reduce its effectiveness. So avoiding touching these tablets is best!


Tablets, liquids and powder: What should you choose?


The different ways that these products are made are dependent on their function. Tablets are best for being able to give an animal a specific dose, whereas liquids and powders are great for getting that supplement absorbed fastest.


If you’re looking to help your pet’s development, maintenance or maybe their recovery, we trust Dorwest to provide a variety of healthy products to support them. Check out our range here - Dorwest | Pets of the People - or their main website here - Dorwest Herbs: Herbal Remedies & Supplements for Dogs & Cats.


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