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Tips & Tricks to settling a pet into a new home

Posted 3rd Feb 2022

Tips & Tricks to settling a pet into a new home



As we ncome out of January and into February we’re thinking about the Christmas pets. Those that were bought as presents that might be facing an uncertain future. We don’t like to think about this and we hope that everyone who was lucky enough to be gifted an animal at Christmas is still overjoyed with their new companion and is truly and madly in love with them.


This post is to help those who are struggling to find their rhythm and balance with their new pet, those who are offering to help our shelters by fostering an animal and those who are considering adopting a pet for life!


Safe Space

Often the behaviour and actions of a pet are a direct result of how they feel about their home. If they don’t feel like they can relax or they know what’s going on their uncertain feelings can make owners think they aren’t behaving. Paying close attention to this and recognising the signs will allow you to put in place the necessary things to help them settle and be more comfortable, directly impacting their behaviour and your relationship. Most importantly creating a safe space for them where they sleep and near to where they eat is crucially important. Most advice suggests a crate because they will feel safer being able to have the door closed and it can be covered too.


Setting Boundaries

Another way to help your new pet feel safe and secure is to set boundaries early on for them to follow. This along with a regular routine helps to keep a household running smoothly and will allow you to notice any unwanted behaviours early on.



Creating a bond

The bond between you and your pet is so important. Not only is it a beautiful relationship to have but it also brings a level of trust for your pet. Dedicating time to creating this bond from playing games to giving affection will increase the happiness within your home for you and your pet.


Keeping up training

It can be easy to fall off track as January ends. Most new years resolutions have had their first bump in the road but if there's only one healthy habit you continue with, it should be the training of your pet! This will also help to increase the bond between you and your pet and help to exercise their mind and body so a pleasant house environment can be had.


Collective help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially from the people in your home. If you’re all on the same page your pet won’t be receiving conflicting directions and they will feel happier within the home environment. This can also extend to professionals who can help. One phone conversation with an expert could give you all the advice you need to help you settle your pet into a new home much easier.


We hope our tips help you to settle your pet into their new home. If you think that this information would be helpful to someone you know then please share our post with them. If you have any questions about settling a pet that we’ve missed, feel free to contact us too!

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