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Out with 21, in with 22: What’s happening this year with POTP?

Posted 19th Jan 2022

Out with 21, in with 22: What’s happening this year with POTP?



Welcome to 2022! We’re so pleased that you’re here to continue following our journey!


Last year we watched the world lockdown, open up, have huge COP26 meetings, witness more environmental disasters and see animals need more help than ever amongst a great deal of other heartbreaking moments. But, we did also witness law changes for animal welfare, groups push positive initiatives to help make change for better and more learning for sustainable and healthy opportunities for both people and animals.


This year, we’re welcoming it with open arms and lots of ambition, we want to make even more of a difference than in 2021 and we’ve got some ideas to share with you! We also covered lots of these topics just before Christmas, so check out our articles here to find out more!


So in the spirit of great change and a positive impact, we’ve been working over the last year on what we’ll be doing for 2022. Here are the new things to expect this year and don’t forget to keep watching our blog and socials in the coming weeks to keep up to date with announcements. You can also sign up for our newsletter to have all of this sent directly to your inbox!


Own brand food

We’ve been working super hard behind the scenes to finalise our very own food! We’re so excited to share this news with you. We care about exactly what you feed your pet, how it’s made and how it gets to you, therefore ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality at the most environmentally friendly cost.

Becoming carbon neutral as a business

You can find out everything about What does it mean to be a Carbon Neutral company? From our blog post here. We’ve never stopped striving for the best environmental credentials, and we aren’t stopping now. Keep an eye out for what we’ll be doing to make ourselves an even healthier business in the 21st century!



Share, Save, Support Scheme

Another new and very exciting launch will be our Share, Save and Support Scheme. This will allow our customers (you!) to share with your friends and family what we do and receive money off of your own pet supplies!


Topics you need to know about!

We aren’t stopping with sharing information about the larger topics that are happening in the world. From climate change, deforestation, the impact on animals, UK pet overpopulation issues, plant-based diets for humans and animals to everything in between, if you and your pet are affected, we’re going to be diving deep into these subjects to raise awareness and help spread the word for more positive change!


We’re very excited about what 2022 will mean for POTP. We feel exceptionally lucky for our customer's loyalty and support throughout 2021 and we want to give back to you as much as helping the planet that we’re all living upon.


Please stay tuned through our blog, social media and emails to support our journey to changing the pet world. Thank you again and we look forward to sending you wonderful and healthy products throughout 2022!


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