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How to keep pets safe at Christmas

Posted 17th Dec 2021

How to keep pets safe at Christmas


As we continue to get excited about the festive holiday, we’re thinking about what things we need to be careful about with our pets. With so many new pets in households this year, it’s a great time for us all to think about what things we might have relaxed about in our homes but need to keep away from our animals for their safety.



Wrapping Paper, ribbon and accessories

There are many wrapping papers that are harmless for pets to play with, scratch around in and rip up, the problem is the embellishments. Glitter on wrapping paper or plastic materials that make that sparkle and shine aren’t good for your pet. Similarly, the ribbons, plastic or fabric, stars and other things we like to use to make gifts look pretty can cause problems if your pet gets hold of them. Keep pets supervised when they’re near gifts under the tree and when wrapping presents!


Christmas tree

Real trees are a great addition to the home design at Christmas but they can sometimes bring unwanted bugs into the home. The needles that drop off can get spiky under paws and what we decorate our trees with can also be dangerous for pets to play with. Similarly, artificial trees can pose a problem to pets if they chew on them. Pets should be supervised around your Christmas tree!


Presents with food in them

Often we like to gift lovely foods at Christmas. They get wrapped up and put under the tree, but it's important to remember that there are some very sophisticated noses in the home that can quite easily find them. Check out our recent article about foods to avoid with your pet around Christmas time to find out more about this!



Cooking smells and hot hobs

Cooking smells are very enticing. It’s unlikely that you haven’t fallen over someone furry because they’re very interested in what you’re making. This is dangerous especially when you’re opening the oven if it’s at their height, but don’t forget about hobs too! After using the top of your cooker, don’t forget that cats (and some brave dogs) will climb across them if they think there’s something tasty to try on the other side!


Loud noises and fireworks

This is another celebration that sometimes involves fireworks, loud music and people out at later times. This can be disturbing for pets and we want them to feel safe, happy and comfortable at all times of the year. Check out our article here for some great advice on keeping your pet happy: Keeping pets settled and happy


We hope that there are a few things that everyone will think about during this festive period to keep their animals happy! We would love if you could share this with others hosting Christmas this year especially those who aren’t used to having animals around so everyone can be safe. If there’s something you feel we’ve missed on our list, head over to our Facebook page and add it in the comments to help and remind other owners!


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