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Christmas Foods: Which ones are dangerous for your pet?

Posted 4th Dec 2021

Christmas Foods: Which ones are dangerous for your pet?



Everyone is beginning to get excited about Christmas. A lot of families have already got all their presents wrapped, decorations up and are starting their celebrations because of the misfortune of last year. With this in mind, there are more pets in households this year than last after the Pandemic Pet Boom. What we don’t want to happen is the excitement of Christmas to take over and for us to be lax on remembering to put things out of reach of snouts and pesky paws. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular foods that come out at Christmas that are dangerous for your pet to consume! Have fun and stay safe:



Whether it’s on the Christmas tree, in a box on the coffee table or in a little one’s stocking, chocolate is everywhere at this time of year. It’s a wonderful treat for humans but very poisonous and potential fatal for dogs! If you’ve got to leave the room and there are some sweet treats at dog level, make sure someone is keeping an eye out!



Some nuts are toxic and others aren’t. But this isn’t the only problem. If even a non-toxic nut is swallowed whole it can cause various nasty obstructions which could need operating on to remove!


Mince Pie and Pudding

Raisins are also highly toxic. Found in the very traditional mince pies, Christmas puddings and Christmas cake the sweet scent is attractive to dogs, but they shouldn’t be allowed near them. Grapes are also toxic but with raisins, they also swell in the stomach which can cause problems.






If your pet consumes alcohol they could have a severe drop in blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature, not to mention becoming intoxicated. These are all very dangerous symptoms!


Cooked Bones

Although the old wives tale suggests throwing a bone over the fence from the butchers, a cooked bone can be a problem. They can splinter and cause obstructions. Raw bones can give your pooch salmonella too, if you want to treat your pet this year with a bone why not the safe Bone Buddy or Funny Bone!


Sausages and Stuffing

Another more traditional thing to give pets at Christmas is sausages. Anything that contains garlic, chives or onion is harmful to both cats and dogs.



Roquefortine C is found in blue cheese and is incredibly dangerous to your dog. They are incredibly sensitive to it and lactose intolerance is also common among pooches, therefore cheese should be avoided.


The Sweetener Xyitol

For those avoiding sugar for the holiday or who have dietary restrictions, we should remain cautious of Xyitol. This is a common sweetener found in chewing gum and chewy sweets. It’s extremely toxic to dogs causing vomiting and other symptoms, keep these far out of reach!


Don’t forget about Caffeine!

Dogs are super sensitive to caffeine. Keep leftover cups away from nosy noses. After a big meal a cup of coffee is a wonderful way to finish, but not for your pooch!


With all of these things in mind, it’s also important not to forget that poinsettias, holly, ivy, mistletoe and lilies are all popular plants that come into the house at Christmas but they are all poisonous to our pets!


We hope this list helps to keep your furry family safe this year!


Seek veterinary advice if you believe your pet is in trouble because of consuming something they shouldn’t!

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